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From Mombasa City:
Mombasa on the Kenyan Coast has a lot more to offer to the discerning visitor than just beautiful beaches and hotels. It was quite influential port with a lot of activities in the 14th century. It has the best white Sandy Beaches and Coral Reefs that the African coastline has to offer. The attractions in Mombasa, relate directly to the historical context through the influence of the Colonial Masters from Portuguese, Hdpcgames Arabs to British. The town is actually on a small Island, and is a cosmopolitan blend of African, Arabic, Asian and European Cultures. Some of the attractions include: –

The Tusks on the Mombasa’s main Highway is a symbolic representation of entrance into the heart of the town. The Tusks were built to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth to the town in 1952. Ivory was considered to be an exquisite commodity during the time the Queen was making a visit. In essence, the Tusks were meant to embrace the Queen and the British Empire in to the town and within its social structure.

The ruins are found on the North Coast of Mombasa towards Malindi. It’s a pre- historic site which was a small town built entirely from rocks and stones. This site was inhabited by a few thousand Swahili people under the throne of a very rich Sultan. These Ruins dates back from 15th century and through careful preservation most of the original foundations can be seen today. Gedi Ruins are designated as a National Museum by law.

The oldness of this town is reminiscent of the days when the Arabs exerted a heavy influence on this town and its culture which can be seen when you walk through the narrow streets and view the architecture. The original inhabitants of Mombasa live in the Old Town and they speak Swahili which is similar to the one spoken in Zanzibar. This is to mean that historically, the town of Mombasa and many other Coastal Town including Kilifi, Malindi and Lamu were colonies of the Sultan of Zanzibar, this brought about the intermarriages and other exchange of social and economic activities. This tour will also take you to the famous Fort Jesus located on the edge of a coral ridge overlooking the entrance to the old port of Mombasa. Fort Jesus is perhaps Mombasa’s biggest attraction as it dominates the harbor’s entrance. It was, in history, a Portuguese stronghold as it was built in 1593, to fend off local enemies and the Turkish warships. The remains of the Fort provide an interesting tour taking you back through history and a small Museum features a variety of lyrics. Its interior comprises of torture rooms and prison cells where slaves were kept in captivity before being traded. Weapons such as Canons, which were used to defend the Fort from invading foreigners and the rioting locals, can be seen both inside and outside of the Fort.

Transfer to the Dhow at the shore to begin your exciting sail. Gently pass along the Mombasa Creek sipping Cocktails and enjoying the lectures from the Tour Leader pinpointing places of interest and recalling the anecdotes of the East Africa Coast’s colorful past. Arrive at the shore of the old harbor with a stretch up the hill through the narrow streets of the old town amazed at the Swahili Architectural work to arrive at the famous Fort Jesus to settle for an excellent four course dinner with a choice of Sea Food or a Meat Course after being entertained by different artists. You will be picked by your Driver Guide to the hotel.

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